5 industries that are thriving in Dubai

5 industries that are thriving in Dubai

Dubai is considered a haven for aspiring business owners. A lot of would-be entrepreneurs would like to try their luck in business and set up their trade in Dubai for many reasons, but mainly because of the assistance that the Dubai and UAE government provides.

But while many businesses are welcome in this Middle East’s business hub, there are some industries who manage to pull away and thrive in this competitive land. Here are the top five fastest growing industries in Dubai:


Although Dubai is located in the desert, it has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. All thanks to the Dubai government and their tourism department as they devised a plan to lure travelers and tourists in their lands. They turned Dubai into a must-see, must-visit place by creating tourism opportunities. Apart from historical and heritage sites, the tourism department encourage investors in the field of game and entertainment. This move resulted to the establishment of major tourist destinations and attractions in the city.

Real estate

The rise of the tourism industry paved way to the rise of the real estate in Dubai. With more tourists and travelers coming in, the city would need to cater to these markets. To address these concerns, the government allows the construction of hotel and other hospitality-related establishments with the help of the best PRO services in Dubai. It also paved the way to construction of housing sites and condominiums, being offered to foreign nationalities that prefer to stay in Dubai for a much longer period.



Healthcare is now considered as one of the most in-demand industry in Dubai. In fact, the city is now developing its newest offering – healthcare tourism. The government aims to be a go-to destination for patients who are seeking a higher level of medical treatment. Aside from medical care, Dubai’s business industry opened its doors to cosmetic and aesthetics treatments.


When you visit Dubai, one of the first things that comes to mind is shopping, and it is not surprising. Once you step out of the airport, you will see branches and outlets of leading fashion brands offering their designer wares. But aside from top-of-the-line brands, Dubai market is also open for starting fashion designers who want to solidify their name in the fashion industry with the help of company formation services in Dubai.


When the Dubai government decided to open its doors to foreign investors, a lot of aspiring business owners jump ship to Dubai and set up their businesses in the city. And the numbers are still growing as business parks are still accommodating these aspiring entrepreneurs to start their trade.