What you need to know about hair removal procedure

What you need to know about hair removal procedure

Hair removal is done for getting rid of the unwanted hair. They do not look good and make one uncomfortable. For removing hair there are a number of things that we use at home. For instance, hair removal by razors, tweezers, waxing or manually plucking them with fingers is all tried at home usually. All these things remove the unwanted hair for a short period of time and then soon after that we get hair growing on those parts again. This is the reason why we look for some procedure that can permanently remove the hair. Laser hair removal is the first name that always pops into our mind when we think of permanent hair removal.

Reaching a reputable clinic or a hospital for getting this done is the first thing that you would do because this should be done by some professional and is not a thing that can be done at home. These procedures must be done by professionals as you would definitely go to a reputable plastic surgeon in Abu Dhabi for sensitive plastic surgery. In order to be aware of it and to get switched on to the procedure and precautionary measures, you need to look through this informative piece of writing.


Things to do before the procedure

Laser hair removal is a procedure that will remove the roots of the hair from which they grow. This way their growth is stopped permanently. The first thing that you should not forget is to leave any temporary hair removal method for about six to seven weeks before the procedure. Secondly, you need not expose your skin to the sun some days before the procedure. It can affect the efficiency of the procedure. For the timing of these precautions, you must consult a professional. Thirdly, just before the procedure you need to wear some protective material, which is given to you, that stops rays from penetrating the other areas.



The procedure is done by the laser beam which emits and is absorbed by the dark pigment in the hair. This laser light beam is now changed into heat. It is basically the conversion of energy forms. The heat will destroy or weakens the roots of the hair. This treatment is done in several sessions. After these repeated sessions hairs are permanently removed. This delicate procedure must be done by a professional so you need to find a reputable institution for hair removal Abu Dhabi.


Things to do after the procedure

After the procedure you are given some medicines to use in the areas where treatment is done. They may include those medicines used to prevent inflammation. Additionally, ice or cold water should be used in such areas of skin and sun exposure must be avoided.