Things no one tell you about TCM

Things no one tell you about TCM

There are several best acupuncture dubai which are using traditional methods but they will never tell you about the side effects of this treatment. They ask you to get the foot reflexology massage to get your muscles relaxed and cured. But they never tell you about the following things:

This method uses traditional herbs to cure the diseases but due to less research in those herbs they may have serious side effects. Sometimes poisonous herbs will get mixed with the useful herbs which may cause kidney and liver failure in some cases.

The societies like old Chinese which are using traditional methods of cure will often neglect the side effects and do not tell people about them. If they told them about this then they might resist using these methods. 

There are also diseases are reported due to the use of non-sterile needles in this method. People will use them on different patients without sterilizing them and as a result they will transfer diseases form one person to the other. This thing should be avoided as people will come to get cured but instead they will get more diseases than they had before.

If the therapist is not highly qualified or if he is not experienced enough then he might damage your vital organs with wrong placing of needles. This may also result in serious conditions like infections and lungs collapsing. To avoid any such condition you should ask to your therapist about his experience and qualification.

Mostly the therapists are not qualified through proper sources as there are very few places that are providing education related to TCM. Most of the therapists will either learn on their own or get the knowledge from their elders only. In this way they will not know how to handle the needles carefully and their low knowledge might damage the health of the patient and give them a permanent disease.

There are only few places that are providing the right treatment and if you go to some wrong place for saving some money that you should know that you might save some amount but you will ruin your health which is more important than money. Money can be earned again but health once ruined is very difficult to retain so be very keen about it.