Certificates and Their Attestation

Certificates and Their Attestation

Our whole life revolves around certificates and many other documents. A child, for instance, begins his life with a Birth certificate. When someone dies there is a Death certificate. Marriage certificates, B-forms, and many other certificates are handed over to you during different phases of your life.

When an individual wants to submit these certificates, to an institution or forum they need to be attested to be acceptable and valid. Documents and certificates attested once are valid for a lifetime.

Certificate Attestation Services in Dubai:

Various certificate attestation services are provided in Dubai. It depends on the kind of certificate when it comes to attestation. There are some institutions like the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other embassies through which one can get their documents and certificates attested.

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) attests the educational certificates like degrees. On the other hand, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) attests the certificates like marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc. You can also get your documents attested online. There are many websites available to help you get your particular certificate attest.

The Procedure of Attesting Certificates:

Look at this now, to attest a certificate in Dubai, one has to go through a long process. Following are some procedures to attest a document:

  • There are two options available to attest academic certificates, one online and the other through courier service. According to the online attestation system of HEC, applicants are required to make a profile on the website of HEC. Then they can upload scanned copies of their documents. When their visit is scheduled, they are required to bring original documents along with photocopies.
  • The applicant or his family member is required with an authority letter to present documents for attestation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The MOFA then accepts and verifies the signatures of concerned attesting authorities.
  • There are different procedures for different embassies. In the Saudi embassy, it could take up to 20 working days to complete the procedure of attestation. The individual is required to submit his documents along with visa, passport, and CNIC. In the Chinese embassy, it takes almost 4 working days for the completion of the process. All documents must be authentic and documents like marriage certificates, birth certificates, etc. must be first attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Documents containing illegal contents are not acceptable.