8 Warning signs of depression and anxiety

8 Warning signs of depression and anxiety

Depression is an ailment which ploys its swarm instantly and intensely but the good thing about this ailment is that it is totally treatable if diagnosed soon and treated proficiently. There are several best psychiatrist in dubai which is operating to provide up to the mark treatment for patients so that they can work as respected citizens. Depression treatment Dubai provides a list of symptoms which can be noted at initial stage so that the treatment will start early. Following are some symptoms:

Mood swings: These people are vulnerable to mood swings which mean that they cannot control their reaction about any event which happens against their will.

Weight loss: If someone start losing weight unintentionally i.e., without any dieting or gym then it is a visible sign of depression and they need psychotherapy in dubai on priority.

Insomnia: If a normal person starts having difficulty in sleeping at night that it might tell that something is bothering seriously and that person is going towards depression.

Hypersomnia: As every person is different their signs of depression are also different. It is not necessary that everyone will encounter insomnia, some people show state of hypersomnia in which they start sleeping unnecessarily without time limitations.

Loneliness: They start feeling themselves lonely even if they are surrounded by a crowd. They feel themselves odd one out or misfit and then avoid being social.

Introvert: They start loving their own company and avoid going outside because they think that people will reject them if they hang out with them.

Exhaustion: They feel themselves exhausted all the time even when they don’t take a step out of their bed. They feel low and tired and as a result they want to stay at bed all day long without doing anything.

Frequent thoughts of self-harm: At the maximum stage of depression people start thinking about hurting themselves frequently and persistently which leads them towards thinking about suicide.

All the above mentioned symptoms are those which are observed repeatedly but it doesn’t mean that these are the only symptoms. Every person show different sign according to their nature and behavior but the important thing is to tackle this illness with full support and empathy. It is the moral duty of every person that they should talk about their closed ones if they feel any abnormal change in their behavior.